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 Six packs of The Pretty Little Things assortment. Enjoy  2 packs of  the “Britt” pattern, 2 packs of the “Chelsea” pattern and 2 packs of the “Jackie” pattern.

Each pack contains 15 pre moistened towelettes useful for cleaning a variety of electronics and lenses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Best wipes for almost anything!

I use these wipes primarily for my phone but I have discovered that they work for practically any electronic. I have used these on my computer, tv and tablet, with the same great results every time; clean, clear screens. It might seem expensive but I only need to use these once or twice a week, so it's really not a terrible price. I swear they even keep my phone clean for longer! Plus, the packaging is just too stinkin' cute. I'm totally addicted to these!

Alexis S.

Love these!

Marcia O.
Perfect gift!

I have an annual volunteer recognition and each volunteer receives a wonderful Well-Kept pack which they love! Definitely a permit gift!

Tammy T.
Best wipes!

These are hands down the best wipes I have bought for my glasses! Bonus they work great on my phone, kindle and other electronics!

Mindy K.
Practical, fun, love them

These beautifully-designed wipes are awesome. I use one on my phone, glasses, iPad, keyboard mouse and get full use of just one wipe. The packaging is so fun and creative. Have been buying these for years. Worth the money.

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