Giving Back

a community of giving

Friends, let's get serious. well-kept. promotes keeping your "surfaces" clean but when we look at life we know it is really what is inside that matters most. Many of us have been given so much in life and we want to encourage you to give back where you can. At the heart of life is community so we challenge you to find a cause and get engaged.

First, select a non-profit that inspires you. This might be a local food pantry down the street or an international program reaching millions. Then, decide how you can give. This can be financially, investing your time by volunteering, organizing fundraisers, cleaning out your closet, donating your professional talents or helping to grow awareness through your social media sites. We all can be a small part of a big change. It has been said, "Do for one, that you would like to do for many." Just choose something and do it well.

After our Leg Up promotion win from Spanx and reading "Start Something That Matters" by Blake Mycoyskie, we decided to use Well-Kept as a vessel to support causes near to our heart.

The Lady

The "Lady” pattern is in honor of the men, women & children trapped in slavery around the world today. A portion of the proceeds from this pack will be donated to a coalition of the leading organizations in the world in the fight for FREEDOM by spreading awareness, prevention, rescue, and restoration. "My heart has always been drawn towards helping women. Once I became a mother I felt a greater responsibility to protect them. This project was inspired by our daughter, who my husband affectionately nicknamed 'Lady' when she was in the womb. My hope is for well-kept to use its voice to shine a light on human trafficking. Together we can END IT." -Neeley Kolsch, Founder, well-kept


This pattern is named after a village in Karogoto, Kenya. A portion of the proceeds from the pattern are donated to the community in Kenya for business start-up education and seed funding for entrepreneurs. To date we have helped fund over 100 people for the program and our CEO visits the community to follow up on business practices.


The "Drive" pattern honors Steve Dezember, John McNeeley and others battling ALS, often referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease. The art for this design was created by Steve who drives over a canvas with his wheelchair. A portion of the proceeds are donated to ALS TDI towards research and other families living with ALS.  To learn more about Steve Dezember's story and purchase additional artwork visit


The "Frank" pattern is named after Captain Frank, an outstanding soldier, friend and dedicated to all the men and women serving our country. This pattern is used as a fundraiser tool for Family Readiness Groups (FRG) to support military families pre/during/post deployment.

Here are a few of our favorite causes. You can start with one of these or find some of your own:

Charity Water

First Response Team of America

Free Fab'rik

To Write Love on Her Arms